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Learn about our passionate team, and how you can help!

SAM (Sedgefield Animal Matters) is a registered NPO (Non-Profit Organisation) & was established in May 2016.  The organisation is run entirely by volunteers.  SAM relies entirely on the kind support of the community.  The volunteers are made up of a group of Sedgefield locals dedicated to improving the lives of animals in our community.


 Foster & Adopt

Almost on a daily basis, we have the need to Foster & Adopt out pets which have been surrendered or abandoned. We are always looking for foster homes. Are you the miracle foster that we are looking for.  

SAM Winning Team

Our amazing team of volunteers are committed to helping animals in our community. We take our convictions and turn them into action. Think you would be a good fit? See our volunteer page for more information!

Charity Shop

On 11 July 2020, SAM was provided the opportunity - with the help of the brilliant volunteers and a generous overseas sponsor - to open a Charity Shop.  This has been a lifeline for SAM.  Come & visit our shop & see the many items we have to offer.


SAM’s core focus is to reduce pet overpopulation with the assistance of our local vet’s sterilization programs. SAM also vaccinates and deworms animals. They have a feeding outreach every Tuesday where they provide small packets of food: no vaccination card – no packet of food. Also if a pet is not sterilised at 6 months old, no packet of food. This outreach encourages pet owners to bring their sick and injured animals to SAM who may provide basic treatment or refer to KAWS (Knysna Animal Welfare) for further treatment.
By involving and educating the local community, SAM is working to raise awareness of homeless, abused and abandoned animals, promoting respect and compassion for all creatures.
There are many situations where SAM makes every effort to assist, from lost or abandoned dogs running along the freeway, kittens trapped in a motor car engine, dogs tied up without food, water or shelter, tortoises run over, fledglings that have fallen from nests, rehoming and trying to get animals into foster care wherever possible. This can become overwhelming when there are neither the resources nor the funding to resolve every situation.
SAM’s long term goal is to have their own holding kennels. They currently depend heavily on a small number of foster families, otherwise they have to take homeless animals to the holding kennels at KAWS, which is usually full to bursting as the KAWS premises are small and they are also working with limited funding and resources.
It is always a considerable challenge to find safe and loving homes or fosters for animals that need rehoming, especially the senior animals. There are often elderly people going into retirement homes that unfortunately do not allow any animals. These animals have been lifelong friends, family and companions. SAM and its volunteers try their very best to get these fur babies into permanent homes where they will remain cared for.


The above images are of some of our local successes over the years